St Mary’s Church, Bungay

A redundant Anglian church in the centre of the town. Built as a church to the adjacent Benedictine priory, the Grade 1 church & priory ruins have a fascinating history.

Whilst the Domesday Survey records a church on the site, it is thought that the main part of the present church dates from the 14th-15th century.

In 1577 the church was struck by lightning, and this event led to the Legend of the Black Dog During the thunderstorm an apparition appeared, consisting of a black Hell Hound which dashed around the church, attacking members of the congregation. It then suddenly disappeared and re-appeared in  12 miles away, injuring members of the congregation there. An image of the Black Dog has been incorporated in Bungay’s Coat of Arms

“All down the church in midst of the fire,

The hellish monster flew

And passing onward to the quire

And passing onward to the quire

He many people slew.”