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Things You Must Do Before You Leave Bungay – A Collection of the Unusual, the Unique and the (Un)missable.

Watch a Suffolk sunset

Suffolk is treated to some absolutely spectacular sunrises and sunsets-the vibrant pink and orange hues making for some exceptional beginnings and ends to the day.

Find a nice spot and watch the sunset&… They’re unforgettable!

Attend a country auction

Auctions are FUN and offer a great day out & you never know what you will find!

For 150 years the Diss Auction Rooms of TW Gaze have hosted weekly sales of over 2,000 lots, as well as some 20 special sales every year.

Visit the Chilli farm

The conversion of a 400 year old thatched barn into a Mexican restaurant was part of the Channel 5 “Build a New Life in the Country” series with George Clarke.

The restaurant which is open from Tuesday to Sunday serves breakfast & lunch They also have a great deli with a wonderful range of products – including Chilli Sauces too! Chilli Plants are available to buy during the growing season – between May and September.

Visit a pub with no bar but enjoy a pint of Suffolk Ale.

The Low House with a wide range of excellent beers, well chosen wines, lager and cider plus, delicious, traditional (but affordable) pub food provides everything you want from a unique country pub.

Inside you will be intrigued to find a real treasure chest of 15th century history, remaining largely untouched in its design. The tiled floor, low ceilings and oak beams give you the feeling of stepping back in time. In the main settle at the front of the pub, the open fireplace still has its original charm. There is even a large beer garden where you can sup a pint on a sunny day.

They don’t have a bar at the Low House; to be served you stand at the door of the tap room at the back of the pub, where beer is poured straight from the barrel.

Visit one of only 49 “Thankful Villages” in England and Wales

St Michael South Elmham is a thankful village

The phrase was first used by Arthur Mee in his King’s England series in the 1930s. A Thankful Village, it was said, was one which lost no men in the Great War because all those who left to serve came home again.

Amazingly it is considered “doubly thankful” as it was only one of fourteen villages where there were no deaths amongst the villagers who fought in the second World War either.

It is also remarkable that a village with a population of less than 50 people should provide such a high percentage of their residents to serve their country and even more remarkable that they should all return – St Michael South Elmham is truly a very thankful village.

Enjoy watching a play in a Georgian Theatre

The Fisher Theatre, Bungay was first opened on 28th February 1828 with a performance of ‘The Belle’s Stratagem’. The theatre was one of thirteen designed and built across East Anglia by David Fisher, serving the circuit of Fisher’s company, ‘The Norfolk and Suffolk Company of Comedians’.

Touring theatres were badly affected by the coming of the railways and in 1844 the Bungay theatre was sold. For most of the 19th Century it was the town’s corn Hall and a venue for meetings. Later it became Bungay’s first cinema and was used for a variety of entertainments and commercial enterprises, including a steam laundry for many years, and ending the 20th Century as a textile warehouse.

Now, restored to its former glory, it offers an unusually broad programme of arts events.

See the oldest surviving concrete bridge in the UK

Homersfield Bridge is the oldest concrete bridge in the United Kingdom and is Listed, Grade II.

The bridge was an early experiment in combining iron and concrete, which predates the emergence of true reinforced concrete from France.

The bridge was commissioned by Sir Shafto Adiar, who owned the Flixton Hall estates of which it still forms a small part. Adair monograms decorate the bridge.

The road was diverted over a new bridge in 1970 and the old route over the bridge is now a foot and cycle path.

Have a brewery tour and a tutored tasting

Brewery Tours at St Peter’s Brewery take place from Easter until end of December each year. The tours normally take place on Saturdays & Sundays at 11am, 12:30pm and 2pm.They cost £10.00 per adult including a bottle of beer to take home.

Tours include the story of St. Peter’s Brewery, the process of brewing and a tutored beer tasting following the trip around the brewery.

Hire a canoe

Canoes have the advantage of being totally silent, allowing you to get closer to wildlife whilst enjoying the beautiful landscape of the Waveney Valley.

Swans, herons and kingfishers can be seen on the river and, in the summer beautiful damselflies, butterflies and dragonflies and maybe even the elusive otter.

Canoe hire is available in Bungay from Outney Meadow Caravan Park.

Have a picnic on Outney Common

Enjoy a visit to one of Bungay’s cafes, before a leisurely walk on Outney Common- a large loop of land by the river, popular with walkers, nature lovers, fisherman and golfers.

The Common, covering about 400 acres is naturally divided into The Lows, about half the area, of low-lying grazing land bordering the River Waveney, and The Hards, the higher ground in the centre which contains an 18 hole Golf Course, and an area which is well used by ramblers and dog walkers.